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Free Introductory Course for Designers. Get started with 5 introductory emails. Learn the basics of AI assisted design. Explore how to generate images, blog post covers, invitations, Power Point slides, posters and many more with these powerful AI techniques.

The free email series will cover:

How to set up the right environment and pick the best tools that fit your initial idea or sketches. It's not easy to see clearly through the millions of tools available. You can mix tools and methods to get the best results.
We'll take the first steps to create a brand with the most popular tools like Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Leonardo and others – the list of the best tools is being constantly updated and selected carefully).

Advanced Course - Design your vision

Elevate your branding skills with our comprehensive Advanced AI Branding Course. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our course is tailored to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice. Begin your journey with our free introductory email series, offering valuable insights and a sneak peek into the advanced techniques you'll master.
Go beyond the basics and learn how to customize generative AI models to create exactly what you want. The advanced course provides:
Additional in-depth emails on generating Posters • Campaign Visuals • Illustrations • Patterns • Flyers • Social Media Posts • Ads • Banners • Brochures • Stickers • Presentations • Packaging • Website Graphics and more. Practical prompt examples and workflows for you to run. Exercises and challenges to apply your learning. Access to course materials and resources to continue your learning. Optional 1-1 support from the instructor.
Subscription to AI text to image tools are required.

Example: Grocery Branding Use Case

These are real and original brand visuals designed for a US startup by an agency – used here for demonstration purposes.
online grocery website landing page
real website design as a base for AI training
packaing  design as a base for AI training
Original brand visuals made by human designers
Feeding the above examples into different AI tools, we generated the images you see below... They are all completely AI generated. With the exception of the logo – the AI 'learned' the colour palette, suggested a few illustration styles, created packaging and web designs that could fit well with the existing brand.
ai generated brand illustrations
unlimited illustrations
ai generated packaging design
unlimited package designs
ai generated landing page design
unlimited landing pages
ai generated branding
unlimited package designs
AI generated brand
unlimited landing pages
AI generated brand
unlimited illustrations
Our workflow will generate new ideas for you – source of inspiration to introduce new product series, trying new visual approaches, packaging materials you never thought about before...

Advanced Course - anyone can do it

Master the most cutting edge AI techniques and build customized workflows to bring your creative visions to life. Enroll now to get started with the advanced course and get lifetime access to constantly updated material.

What happens after the payment?

You'll receive the first advanced lesson and then the further course material week by week.
Exploring Advanced Logo Design
We'll delve deeper into the art of logo design. We will use different AI platforms to experiment with various design elements, such as colour, styles and shapes. This part of the course will take you through the process of creating a logo that not only aligns with the brand's identity but is also versatile across various media.
Crafting the Visual Language
Once we have a logo, we will shift our focus to establishing the visual language of the brand. Here, we'll learn how to use AI tools to create consistent and cohesive design elements such as color schemes, typography, and imagery that harmonize with the logo. This visual language will dictate the look and feel of all future brand collateral, ensuring brand consistency.
Packaging Design and Brand Assets
We will explore how to apply the visual language to create unique and attractive packaging designs and other brand assets. Using AI tools, we will generate several ideas that incorporate the brand's logo and visual language.
Advanced Image Generation with Leonardo.ai
This segment will dive deeper into the Leonardo.ai platform, exploring its more advanced features to create complex and unique designs. We'll also learn how to create our own style, using existing images and fine-tuned models. This will allow us to produce a unique aesthetic for our brand's visual language available only to us as the owners of the trained model.
Creating Visual Assets with Midjourney and Adobe Firefly
In this part, we will learn how to create an array of visual assets for the brand using Midjourney and Adobe Firefly. These assets will range from social media graphics to website banners, all maintaining a consistent visual language.
Pulling it All Together
The final part of the course will involve compiling all the generated designs and assets to present a comprehensive visual identity for the brand. We'll look at how to maintain consistency across all visual touchpoints and discuss ways to update and evolve the brand's visual language over time.
Throughout the course, the emphasis will be on practical application and experimentation. You'll be encouraged to try different tools, approaches, and ideas to find the visual language that truly encapsulates your brand's identity. The AI tools are changing very fast, so you'll appreciate the lifetime access to the always updated course materials and workflows. Please note, no refund policy applies, see T&Cs

Further Examples from Past Projects

Branding, packaging, illustrations for websites, applications, home decor and fashion design
AI generated brand
AI generated brand
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