Elevate Your Design Process with Midjourney Photoshop Mockups

Introducing the Future of Design Presentations - Experience the next level of mockup creation with the revolutionary Midjourney V6. With this update Midjourney will closely follow your prompts, delivering results where realism and creativity converge like never before.
Your Vision, Our Expertise - Use Midjourney to craft mockups that are uniquely yours.

Seamless PSD Conversion - Once you have your perfect Midjourney output, send it our way. We specialize in transforming these AI-generated visuals into versatile, high-quality Photoshop PSD files, ready for your final touches.

Collaborative Creativity - We're here to guide you in generating prompts that bring out the best in Midjourney V6.‍
Pro Tip: you'll be able to 'recycle' the PSDs we deliver: generate unlimited variations of each file using Midjourney seed numbers together with the provided Smart Objects. Unlimited opportunities!

Don't know how to prompt? No problem

The ultimate Photoshop mockup in the AI generation age: remix a scene, pick a matching vibe with numerous included pre-generated layers. Each style has been generated by carefully selected prompts and settings after months of experimentations.
Premium Quality
Editable Smart Object included with real shadows, mask, color correction for maximum reality. The PSD file is fully editable and well organized in layers.
No Photoshop? No problem
You don't need an expensive Photoshop licence. Edit the files with Affinity Photo or Photopea
Download a low-resolution free sample
Try before you buy: check the quality of the images and test the style change with your own design.
Do you want to use your own image?
No problem! We'll convert your image into a Photoshop mockup and share the method how to generate further mockups based on your own photograph. Send us a message ben@hypeless.io

Remixable, Customisable Mockups in One Bundle

Create unlimited variations with the included Midjourney prompt and seed number

Poster on a Concrete Wall Mockup
Poster on a Concrete Wall Mockup. Customise the atmosphere by adding dirt, graffiti, paint and rubbish as you switch on different layers.
Transformator Box Poster Mockup
Turn a Budapest street corner into a Paris, London, Rome or New York scene. Approx. 30+ layers included.
Brick Wall Building Advertisement Mockup
Approx. 50 layers make it easy to customise the scene for any brand – find the city that matches with the style in the latent space of photoshop layers...
modern london poster mockup
Modern London 'A Board' Mockup
This is some text inside of a div block.
Billboard in South London Mockup
Nearly 50 different scene variations can be done with the included layers. Make a tropical beach in Charlton or turn it into a zombie apocalypse. Blend in between.
Generated Series #3
Living room with a square canvas on the wall. Includes 5 living room styles on separate layers. Bonus: Midjourney prompt with seed number, so that you can generate your own, unlimited scenes.
Generated Series #2
"Gate of Time" sci-fi themed Advertising Poster Mockup. Includes 7 different environments on separate layers. Bonus: Midjourney prompt with seed number, so that you can generate your own, unlimited scenes.
Generated Series #1
Artwork mockup in a modern interior setting. Includes 6 living room styles on separate layers. Bonus: Midjourney prompt with seed number, so that you can generate your own, unlimited scenes.

Premium, Real Life and AI Generated Mockups

Streets of Europe #6
This bus shelter with light box is perfect for showing off your advertising designs in a realistic environment. The mockup features a glass with reflections and shadows, as well as a run down environment to really make your designs stand out.
Streets of Europe #5
Billboard poster with shadows and realistic colours simulating the special branded scaffold nets – large outdoor advertising poster mockup
South London Vibes Series #5
This mockup features a DIY lamppost advertisement in South London. You can use this mockup to showcase your poster designs and to create a realistic street scene.
London Architecture Series #3
Building Construction Site Hoarding Graphics Mockup. Great for testing your design effectiveness from a distant viewpoint and see it as a whole next to a long path.
London Architecture Series #2
This mockup features a banner on a lamppost in a modern London environment. You can easily add your own design to this mockup and make it your own.
South London Vibes Series #4
This billboard mockup is perfect for showing off your large format advertising designs. It's placed in a realistic environment at a parking lot.
Honest, Realistic iPhone Screen
Put your design to the test: contrast, colour choice and overall effectiveness in extreme circumstances. Readability is reduced by fingerprints and bright sunlight with reflections.
Streets of Europe Series #4
This village corner shop mockup features a realistic entrance that looks typical in certain regions. Perfect for testing and presenting your branding designs in a non-perfect world.
London Architecture Series #1
This pavement sign board mockup is perfect for displaying your advertising in a modern architecture setting. The mockup includes a sign board with a stand, and is fully editable so you can easily add your own graphics or text.
South London Vibes Series #3
This advertising poster mockup in a London bus shelter includes a poster for a product or service. The poster is placed in a high-traffic area, so that it will be seen by a large number of people.
Streets of Europe Series #3
A mockup of an advertisement signage at a residential building entrance. The environment needs a revamp and renovation. The wall is old and peeling off, the paint is faded, and there is litter around the area.
Rough South London Vibes - free photoshop mockup
South London Vibes Series #1
A mockup of a DIY stand in front of a a brick building in an industrial estate.

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