CSS Readability, Typography and Accessibility Audit

Typography and Accessibility enhancements for your website or web / mobile app. Core advantage: our recommendations can be implemented by the engineers right away.
css readability audit
On the original screen on the left – filling out the registration form is somewhat confusing due to the spacing and hierarchy issues.


Our priority is to make your website or app more readable, pleasant to the eye and most importantly accessible for everyone. The biggest pain points are screens and pages with input and registration forms.
Typography enhancements
Typography is more than just a font, colour scheme and text size. A font choice make someone's experience better or worse.
Global compatibility and Framework independent
The CSS language are being used during the most diverse development processes: mobile and desktop web, React, html, SaaS platforms, native apps
Accessibility considerations
Using relative units, font sizes, colour and contrast, font legibility, paragraph width, heading levels and hierarchy


Following payment, you'll be able to submit the links to the requested website pages or app store (alternatively, you can submit screenshots too). After reviewing the items, we will deliver the list of recommended changes to be made in your stylesheets.
CSS Properties included
font-family, font-style, font-weight, letter-spacing, line-height, type-size, font-color, text-align, text-decoration, margins and paddings where necessary
Stylesheet Items
All basic ones, like H1-H6, body text, paragraph, blockquote, etc.
Good to know
Project start and delivery time depends on current workload.
VAT will be added automatically in the UK.
Invoices will be sent to you via email.
Hypeless is trading as "Bencium Limited"

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