Design Audits

A design audit is a first step to finding problem areas in your app or website. We'll actively engage with your product as a new user and reveal the biggest pain points that you can tackle now. This process is a one-time, in-depth, and proven way of improving your bottom line without investing too much time or money.

As an experienced UX & Product Designers,

we'll actually test and experience your SaaS product, website or app and reveal what a professional team would do, for example:
What do they see as potential issues?
What would they prioritise fixing?
What would they change to fix onboarding?

Prioritising one area of the product to fix first

You can't fix everything, so aim for high impact (increase profits/conversion) AND low effort first. The price includes one targeted area. Examples area could be user onboarding or the registration flow or the checkout process. There could be others – let's discuss before your order if you are unsure. It's not about finding problems just to make you spend more.
Beginners mindset
When you're too close to something, a fresh perspective matters. Taking a step back and trying to have the mindset of someone new to your product.
Report Includes
the expert going through your entire onboarding flow for example, writing down everything they think – and most importantly – how they feel.
The best resources
Whenever possible the report will highlight the best design learning resources on the web and also refer to findings from academic literature and include best practices.
Good to know
Project start and delivery time depends on current workload.
VAT will be added automatically in the UK.
Invoices will be sent to you via email.
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Best for Growth

A Design Audit helps you grow your business –

not criticising your product or service in any negative way.
"Ben's feedback regarding our website's design and communication was instrumental for us to properly address and convert our target customers. His knowledge and experience helped us think about our business communication holistically and make much needed changes to our product."
Jan-Philipp Peters
Co-Founder BitsForDigits
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Product Design Audit?

In short, during a design audit we check the quality of the designs, the user experience and the overall strength of the brand. If the audit is focused on UX,  we highlight areas of a site or app that are causing headaches for users and reduce conversions.

Why is UX design audit important?

A UX audit will reveal the parts of the existing user experience that aren't working. You'll be able to make informed decisions about what to do to fix the issues.

When should I do Design Audit?

It's recommended if you are having low conversion and user engagement rates (people are just come and go, not really interacting with your website or app). Design audits can also be performed regularly to check whether your app or website still meets user needs.

What happens after the Design Audit?

Based on the list of recommendations, you are free to implement the recommended changes. You will not need users for a Design Audit, as it is done by a veteran UX Designer, who analyses your product based on industry standard, well researched and proven patterns.

What does "1 targeted area" mean?

A targeted design audit focuses on one area of your product and provides you with a one-page report including a list of expert recommendations. Areas could be: user onboarding or the registration flow or the checkout process.

Is Design Audit for me?

These services are mainly for entrepreneurs, small business owners, creators and anybody who owns a website or runs an app and would like to attract more users. Or want their audience to do their tasks simpler, search and find items easier.

What do I get from the Design Audit?

A list of actionable insights and – if necessary – a video recording (via a private link) of the entire audit. It will give you lots of options for improving your product.

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