Convert Your Brand Book to a Professional Design System

Whether you're launching a new product or developing an app - we realise the necessity of a seamless design system. It's not a template to tweak around; instead, it demands dedicated design skills to adapt and personalize it, ensuring the business doesn't become a part of the crowd but stands out with its distinctiveness. For designers struggling with messy Figma projects, or business owners owning a single PDF corporate identity only - our services promise to be your solution.
A screen record of a Figma project demonstrating how easy it is to build screens by drag and drop.
Try the Developer Experience
Bonus: after free registration, you can try the Dev Mode in Figma, where the Playground option demonstrates each component's further variants and features!


With a Design System you can create screens quickly by adding pre-made components and elements to the artboard. Even more useful if you work in teams: designers can continue to use the same elements over and over, reducing the need to reinvent the wheel and avoid delivering inconsistent designs. As the world is flooded with generic free design assets, having a professional design system is like having a unique signature style, etching a memorable impression in the minds of the users. As design trends come and go, they enable businesses to stay relevant and resonate with their target audience.
Multiple Benefits for Developers
About 47% development time can be saved by using a Design System. It guarantees better code quality, accessibility and lower code maintenance. Read more
Products become easier to use
By reducing inconsistency (for example the primary buttons will have the same style, same behaviour everywhere), users will do tasks faster, recognise elements quicker – cognitive overload will be reduced.

Another Problem We Solve

From PDF to Figma – our process: Usually, a static PDF brand guideline (often designed by print designers) is the only thing you receive when starting a project. This happens when working with businesses that are at the beginning of their digital transformation.
Preserving the Brand's Unique Character and Visual Language
Even though our service is based on existing Brand Guidelines, we ensure that any new elements we create will maintain your brand's unique personality and align with your existing physical services or products.
Consistent and Faster Design Process
With our Figma Design System, you can ensure consistency across all your screens, and significantly reduce your team's design and development time.
Static PDF corporate identity guidelines are not suitable for app or website development

Explore Our Enhanced Services in Design Systems and Front-End Development!

Instead of rigid styles, start using variables

Variables are reusable values that can be applied to all kinds of design properties. They help save time and effort when building designs, managing design systems, and creating complex prototyping flows. For example, you can create design shortcuts for better efficiency when managing design systems, switch a frame between different colour modes (light and dark or other) device sizes and have spacing immediately update, according to a defined spatial system or preview how text flows in different languages by switching copy on a frame.

Bloated Design System Cleaning Service

Service dedicated to auditing and refactoring outdated or bloated design systems. This involves assessing the existing design system for redundancies, inconsistencies, and potential improvements, then implementing a more streamlined and efficient system with component variants. This service is particularly valuable to companies with older design systems that have become unwieldy over time.

Has Your Brand been refreshed recently? Check this Update Service

Specifically focused on updating a design system after a brand refresh. This involves incorporating new brand elements, colours, typography, and other stylistic changes into the design system.

Design System Maintenance and Updates

A recurring service that is perfect for regular maintenance and updates to your design system, ensuring it remains up-to-date, consistent, and efficient as the brand evolves.

Design System Integration with Development Tools

Hypeless offers services focused on integrating the design system with various development tools and platforms to streamline the design-to-development process.

Custom Component Creation

A service focused on creating custom components based on specific needs that may not be covered by the base design system – great if you have more unique needs.

What we'll Deliver

Once you've made your payment, simply submit the PDF brand guidelines (or Figma project). After the confirmed delivery time, you'll receive an editable Figma link with components ready to be used in your own projects! The following default items are included in the service (either desktop or mobile):
Colour Palette & Typography
Primary and Secondary Colours, Headings 1–6, Body Text Sizes, Text Styles, Layout Grid and Spaces
Primary and Secondary Buttons with the necessary states (Default, Hover, Press, Focus, Error, Disabled)
Alerts and Toasts
The type of alerts are usually the following: Neutral, Success, Warning and Alert
Input Fields / Form Elements
Radio buttons and Checkboxes, Dropdown, Text Input Field
Good to know
Project start and delivery time depends on current workload.
VAT will be added automatically in the UK.
Invoices will be sent to you via email.
Hypeless is trading as "Bencium Limited"
Try the Developer Experience
Bonus: after free registration, you can try the Dev Mode in Figma, where the Playground option demonstrates each component's further variants and features!
Detailed documentation about how to use our system, how to add new components
The Figma file is built in a way that it will be easy to add your own components later
The delivered Design System / Figma Component Library is WCAG AA compliant

This service is optimized for...

Design Teams

Our service is a game-changer for design teams. With our Design System, your team can easily drag and drop elements to create screens, speeding up the design process and ensuring brand consistency across all digital products.

Freelance Designers

You'll find our service incredibly beneficial. It allows you to focus on what you do best - designing, while we handle the tedious task of converting guidelines into a Design System. Plus, with our detailed handbook, you'll have all the guidance you need to make the most of the system.

Design Studios, Agencies and Small Businesses

Our service is a cost-effective solution to maintain brand consistency across all digital platforms. It eliminates the need for hiring additional resources to manage brand guidelines, and it ensures a faster and more efficient design process. The Design System we deliver is flexible and easy to use, allowing you to add your own components as your business grows.


Developers will find our service particularly useful. With our Design System, you can easily understand the design elements and their usage, making the development process smoother. Plus, our system is WCAG AA compliant, ensuring that the products you develop are accessible to all users.

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