We build a Design System for You

Let's start with a big cleaning and speed up future design and development work.
A typical scenario:
 you delivered the first beta version or a quick visual design concept – now your new design and front-end team needs a proper Design System. Consistency in design is key here. Another scenario happens quite a lot: as a developer, you are trying to create a product based on a confusing Figma project, but the designer is unreachable...
design system
A screen record of a Figma project demonstrating how easy it is to switch between button styles. For demo purposes only.


With a Design System you can add/modify designs quickly by dragging premade components and elements. Even more useful if you work in teams (or a new designer joins the project): designers can continue to use the same elements over and over, reducing the need to reinvent the wheel and delivering inconsistent designs.
Multiple Benefits for Developers
About 47% development time can be saved by using a Design System. It guarantees better code quality, accessibility and lower code maintenance. Read more
Products become easier to use
By reducing inconsistency (for example the primary buttons will have the same colour, same behaviour everywhere), users will do tasks faster, recognise elements quicker – cognitive overload will be reduced.

What we'll Deliver

After payment and submitting your Figma Project Link, we'll confirm the estimated delivery time. The following default items are included in the service (either desktop or mobile):
Colour Palette & Typography
Primary and Secondary Colours, Headings 1–6, Body Text Sizes, Text Styles, Layout Grid and Spaces
Primary and Secondary Buttons with the necessary states (Default, Hover, Press, Focus, Error, Disabled)
Alerts and Toasts
The type of alerts are usually the following: Neutral, Success, Warning and Alert
Input Fields / Form Elements
Radio buttons and Checkboxes, Dropdown, Text Input Field
Good to know
Project start and delivery time depends on current workload.
VAT will be added automatically in the UK.
Invoices will be sent to you via email.
Hypeless is trading as "Bencium Limited"
Detailed documentation about how to use our system, how to add new components
The Figma file is built in a way that it will be easy to add your own components later
The delivered Design System / Figma Component Library is WCAG AA compliant

This service is optimized for...


Design Teams

The Design System enables the whole team to to build new screens and features with consistent design fast. Focus on higher priority tasks, do discovery and innovate.

Individual Designers

It's hard to pick up a project from where another designer has left off. A Design System makes it possible to create new screens with consistent design – you'll be loved by the engineers.


Agency teams have great ideas. We are specialized in creating Design Systems from existing design projects or MVPs. We make sure you can easily build new screens and pages going forward.


Having a Design System for your app/website is crucial for consistency and easier front-end development. Let us clean that Figma file with an unclear structure.

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