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Are you launching a new brand for your client? Dive into the future of branding with our AI-assisted, human curated design solution.

Get a different but consistent visual every time you click on the generate button. Always unique, always original, always according to the newly defined brand (with some limitations): see the example gallery below.

Unique, human-AI Hybrid Workflow that guarantees your idea will stand out

Get designs that are as unique as your vision. No AI-look, no clichés.
Fast & Efficient: why work weeks on a design concept? You can ideate a prepare a client presentation in record time – just follow the workflow!
"Your brand should be so good people want to wear it on T-shirts.
I call it The T-Shirt Test" – Greg Isenberg
Optimized for designers: Whether you are at a design studio or team, running your own design business or just starting out as a freelancer: our method is user-friendly and requires no prior AI knowledge.
Unlimited Design Variations of: Posters • Campaign Visuals • Illustrations • Patterns • Flyers • Social Media Posts • Ads • Banners • Brochures • Stickers • Presentations • Packaging • Website Graphics and more.

Simple, transparent pricing

We believe Hypeless should be accessible to everyone, no matter the budget

Do It Yourself

Independent Creativity
near instant access (few hours)
comprehensive Midjourney video course
step-by-step sample workflows
Midjourney prompt templates
set up your own Discord properly
access to Hypeless Discord and get support
substantial time and cost savings  

Perfect for designers who want to explore the possibilities of AI-generated concepts at their own pace. You'll gain access to our in-depth video course that walks you through the ideation process step by step. We provide you with workflows and prompt templates to guide your initial concept generation.

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Done For You

Effortless Creativity
everything in the DWY, plus:
custom Discord ecosystem
3 example brand projects prepared for you to use
hands-on onboarding session
post-setup support
enormous time and cost savings  
resources and tips for brand development  
team collaboration 
prompt generator for LLM based chatbots like chatGPT 

Sit back and let us handle the entire AI-assisted design process: we'll set up a custom Discord server, where you'll be able to generate new designs, patterns, images, and illustrations simply by clicking a button – unlimited.
You will receive a powerful workflow that enables you to create brand assets on-demand, without requiring to have in-depth AI skills or knowledge.

Midjourney subscription required

Example: Healthcare AI Startup Branding Use Case

Explore our portfolio of AI-enhanced designs. Each project showcases our commitment to maintaining the human essence in AI-assisted creations. From nuanced brand designs to intricate patterns, discover the depth of our AI collaboration. Starting from scratch, using carefully crafted text prompts we generated the following visual language for an MVP:
Brand assets compeletely generated by AI, curated by human designers
Using the right workflow pipeline it's possible to generate consistent,  on-brand items. The AI "learned" the colour palette, suggested a few illustration styles, icon styles and slide deck designs that could sit well within the existing brand.
unlimited social images
unlimited logo shape versions
unlimited illustrations
unlimited on-brand stock photography
unlimited icons
unlimited presentation backgrounds
Our workflow will generate new ideas for you – source of inspiration to introduce new product series, trying new visual approaches, packaging materials you never thought about before...

What happens after the payment?

Please allow a few hours until you receive the online form.
It's a human curated and prepared workflow. Depending on the package, complexity and capacity – after a week you'll receive your workflow. Start generating your assets based on the given instructions, right away. Please note, no refund policy applies after the image process has begun, see T&Cs
Set up a video call anytime if you want us demo the workflow first!
Alternatively, join Hypeless Discord and let's chat on a dedicated private channel – visible only to you.
Steps to create a new brand
1) Depending on the package, after payment, fill the online form via the link received.
2) Depending on the package, we select the best method and create a custom workflow.
3) Finally, depending on the package, you'll receive the workflow, the design environment prepared for you along with ready-to-use prompts – learn, experiment and generate unlimited visuals.
Why Midjourney? There are so many tools!
The latest advancements in  Midjourney gives you the best quality achievable on the market, the results you'll get have almost the same quality and attention to detail as if they were designed by humans.
Regulatory Compliance
Our AI-generated designs and workflows adhere to the latest data protection, privacy, and ethical standards, which is particularly appealing for sensitive industries like healthcare or finance.
Our workflows include extensive cultural and demographic knowledge to deliver outputs that are culturally nuanced, ensuring your brand resonates deeply and authentically in every market.
Why not just start working in Midjourney?
We understand that one-size-fits-all doesn't work for everyone. We provide workflows that allow you to fine-tune AI outputs to meet specific brand and industry guidelines. This approach ensures that the AI not only generates designs but does so with a keen sensitivity to your unique brand and functional requirements, setting you apart in a market saturated with generic AI-generated content.
No Vendor Dependency
You are free to switch provider after a slight modification of the prompt and the workflow. You can even run image generation locally with a powerful computer.
Current AI technology has limitations when it comes to typography and fonts. The AI models cannot generate or incorporate specific typefaces or fonts into the designs. As a result, any text elements or typography will need to be manually added and styled post-generation using graphic design software. This limitation allows for greater control over the final typography and ensures that the chosen fonts align perfectly with your brand's visual identity.
You save 2–6 months
Dive straight into results; our package delivers a proven workflow that catapults you 6 months ahead from day one.
Don't forget: our DFY service enables seamless collaboration among design teams and stakeholders. Streamline communication, feedback loops and version control
Flexible Packages
No matter which service or tier you choose, Hypeless is committed to helping you leverage the power of AI to elevate your brand's visual identity. Say goodbye to generic designs and hello to a world of endless creative possibilities.

Further Examples from Past Projects

AI design for brands, websites, applications, presentations, patterns, web design, icons, logos, home decor, visual design and fashion design

You need AI for fields like fashion, product, healthcare, beauty, manufacturing or other?

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