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Are you launching a new venture or thinking of rebranding? Dive into the future of branding with our AI-driven design solutions.

Unique & Tailored

Get designs that are as unique as your vision. No templates, no clichés.
Fast & Efficient: why wait weeks for a design? You can craft your own brand identity in record time – just follow the workflow!
Optimized for designers, but works for everyone: Whether you're in tech, running your own business or just starting out: our method is user-friendly and requires no prior AI knowledge.

What's included?

1. After clicking the payment button, we'll send you simple and quick online form to fill out on your mobile or laptop.

2. Once we have the optional responses from you (screenshots of brands and visual styles you admire, a brief description of your business or service, or the style you're aiming for) – we'll prepare a simple, step-by-step process tailored just for you.

3. By following the workflow in the delivered document + the prepared design environment, you can create as many designs, patterns, images and illustrations as you need for your projects instantly.* Set up a screen-sharing session in case your are stuck.
Unlimited Design Variations of: Posters • Campaign Visuals • Illustrations • Patterns • Flyers • Social Media Posts • Ads • Banners • Brochures • Stickers • Presentations • Packaging • Website Graphics and more.
*Subscription to AI text to image tools are required

Get a different on-brand visual every time you click on the generate button. Always unique, always original, always according to the newly defined brand (with some limitations): see the example gallery below.

Example: Grocery Branding Use Case

These are real and original brand visuals designed for a grocery startup by another agency – used here for demonstration purposes.
online grocery website landing page
real website design as a base for AI training
packaing  design as a base for AI training
Original brand visuals made by human designers
Feeding the above examples into different AI tools, we generated the images you see below... They are all completely AI generated. With the exception of the logo – the AI 'learned' the colour palette, suggested a few illustration styles, created packaging and web designs that could fit well with the existing brand.
ai generated brand illustrations
unlimited illustrations
ai generated packaging design
unlimited package designs
ai generated landing page design
unlimited landing pages
ai generated branding
unlimited package designs
AI generated brand
unlimited landing pages
AI generated brand
unlimited illustrations
Our workflow will generate new ideas for you – source of inspiration to introduce new product series, trying new visual approaches, packaging materials you never thought about before...

What happens after the payment?

Please allow a few hours until you receive the online form.
Based on complexity and capacity – after a week or two you'll receive your workflow document. Start generating your assets based on the given instructions, right away. Please note, no refund policy applies after the image process has begun, see T&Cs
Set up a video call anytime if you want us demo the workflow first!
Alternatively, join Hypeless Discord and let's chat on a dedicated private channel – visible only to you.
Steps to create a new brand
1) After payment, fill the online form via the link received.
2) We select the best tool and create a custom workflow that suits your business the most.
3) Finally, you'll receive the workflow, the design environment prepared for you along with ready-to-use prompts – learn, experiment and generate unlimited visuals.
Pro Quality
The latest advancements in tools like Midjourney and Leonardo, the results you'll get have almost the same quality and attention to detail as if they were designed by humans.
We are available for screen share sessions in case you need help taking the first steps!
Personalised Service
The method involves the training of a custom model or the creation of several image to image prompts. It's like magic: the tool 'learns' the brand's visual language and vibe.
We are mostly Asynchronous
We work behind the scenes without requiring video calls or meetings, streamlining the process for both parties. But we are available for screen share sessions in case you need help taking the first steps!
Quality Assurance
Our carefully crafted workflow ensure the best possible quality, taking into account the constraints of the technology used. You can trust the outcomes without fretting over design revisions.
No Vendor Dependency
You are free to switch provider after a slight modification of the prompt and the workflow. You can even run image generation locally with a powerful computer.
Comparing the cost to hiring a full-time design team or working with a traditional agency.
Ideal for new Brands
Perfect for designers: our method is a great way to generate new concepts or mix machine-generated ideas with your own!
Don't forget: we are available for screen share sessions in case you need help taking the first steps!
Price includes
Price includes the workflow for one brand in the same style. You will be able to generate unlimited variants of logos, patterns, packaging, visuals, etc. following the descriptions. Repurchase for further brands/styles.

Further Examples from Past Projects

Branding, packaging, illustrations for websites, applications, home decor and fashion design
AI generated brand
AI generated brand
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