Your Idea to a Productized Business

Remember the feeling? You always had that big idea, or a side project – but never had a chance to make money out of it?

Launch a productized business

With this service you'd get an actionable list of tasks with detailed description what steps you need to take to start a business. See example case studies below for inspiration.
We'll send you an automated process flow:
you only need to respond customer requests and see the money coming in. The solution might be a landing page with a form or an online store...
Convert your existing business,
like a designer, an architect, a consultant, or solicitor – into a productized, semi automated machine.

Reasons why people love productized services

Avoid the calls, meetings, emails and endless writing of estimates or proposals.
Detailed case studies are coming soon

Johnny is a video editor

receiving client briefs on a daily basis. He has to create the proposals each and every time – spending hours.
A potential solution could be to do one service only: social media influencers upload mediocre footage (shot by themselves) to his server. Johnny re-edits and cleans these clips – making them professionally looking TikTok videos.

Alexa is a stylist

with a niche customer base. With a productized solution she would be able to capture leads via a simple website, no need for intro calls as her content speaks for itself, 24/7. The 'Buy' button and automated scheduling on her website could save even more hours. Her clients know her style, know what they pay for, so she can concentrate what she knows best.

Neelesh has been mentoring

and training business leaders – selling via word of mouth for years. Now he decided to create well defined, online packages for his target audience. Shall it be a pre-recorded video course, selling his first book or a one-to-one training session – his website generates income day and night.

Architects, designers, photographers and solicitors

services can be converted into productized packages eliminating the need of custom solutions, avoiding starting from scratch each time.