Logo Redesign and Rebrand Examples

Get a fully custom, redesigned logo created by a professional designer that really works on different screen sizes and devices – preserving the character of your existing logo, keeping its core concept and personality.

In recent years, some of the world’s biggest companies have discarded depth and detail to “debrand”. But what prompted this landslide of logo debranding?

Sample Client Work

novoart logo
Original Logo
bizpay logo
After the Redesign
bizpay logo on screen
Works perfectly as Profile Image
Original Logo
redesigned logo
After the Redesign
redesigned social media logo
old skillcert logo
Original Logo
redesigned social media logo
After the Redesign
redesigned skillcert logo
Multiple versions
Decades of Experience
Worked on full scale branding and logo projects.
Service includes one revision and the delivery of all common sizes and formats.
Great also for that startup logo or SaaS app icon you did yourself during the MVP release...
Good to Know
Your logo is the face of your brand and product, it plays a critical role – your customers will have a positive first impression by an up-to-date logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do companies update their logos?

As a general rule, it's worth reviewing your logo every 3-6 years whether it is up to date for the most popular communication channels, like social media – the technology and trends change enormously fast. Customers can spot an old logo from far.

How to tell it is time for a logo redesign?

It's time for a redesign if there is a general change in your business: you wanted to target a different audience, a new geographical region, introduce a new name, product or service. A logo redesign can boost your profits by becoming a more premium brand. Send a link or image of your logo for a free assessment.

How do you know if a logo is outdated?

There are different circumstances when you should consider a facelift:
1. your current logo has been purchased at a cheap online store selling stock logos or free icons.
2. The logo is old or too complex
3. You feel that the logo is not relevant anymore
4. If the logo is somewhat outdated visually, there is the option to refresh it. Send a link or image of your logo for a free assessment.

What happens after the payment?

You'll receive a short checklist and a form via email. Once we have a look of your current logo, you'll receive the number of days needed for the the delivery. When done, we'll send you a preview link to your new logo where you can confirm whether a revision is needed or not. At the last step, we send a link with the logo in all the standard formats: PNG, SVG, different aspect ratios (square and 16:9) plus black and white and colour versions.