Designers, don't start working on any client project until you checked this list

KYC, aka Know Your Clients checklist for freelance designers and small agencies. We live in a tough economic times, so it's important to be cautious.

If anything below does not look right, do not start any project, do not sign any contract.

  1. If the request has been sent via gmail, or > Big Red Flag 🚩
  2. Google the founders, owners and other people involved – look at their Linkedin and other profiles. Do they have professional past?
  3. Google the company at Companies House (UK) and (US and global) or at your local company registry, make sure to check Debtors and Creditors.
    Creditors are the people and organizations to whom the company owes money, such as suppliers.
    Debtors are the people and organizations who owe money to the company, such as customers.
    High figures > Red Flag 🚩
  4. Check their financial history if exists, also look out for incorporation documents, PSC documents (shows who the owners, shareholders are, does it change frequently) – get them checked by the tools below or ask advice
  5. Verify addresses (does it change frequently), company name, company numbers, check out VAT or other tax numbers
  6. Ask 10-50% deposit to verify seriousness

Either show the contract to people who are experienced in law and business before signing or try the following AI chatbots using a prompt like:

Act as a legal expert and explain this contract for a 2nd grader, flag anything that is not clear. – here you can upload long pdf documents (contracts, PSC and company documents)