Simplify Your Engineering Workflow with a Cutting-Edge Design System

Attention all engineers! Are you overwhelmed with complex, time-consuming front-end tasks? Do you dream of seamless design-to-code transitions? We have just the solution for you. Goodbye to repetitive tasks and dive directly into code exportation with our thoroughly constructed Design System.

We are thrilled to announce our newly upgraded workflow, integrated seamlessly with Figma. It’s time to step up your game and experience unmatched code quality that will revolutionize the way you work!

The generation engine excels in quality, generating clean, instant React.js code with variant and interaction support, all from within Figma's Dev Mode panel. Imagine a world with zero friction, no need for external syncing, and zero delay. That's exactly what we offer.

Additionally, design systems allow you to tap into Figma's powerful prototype capabilities and auto-layout feature. This integration allows for sophisticated interactive behaviors and generates responsive code, thus refining your design and code processes.

We understand the importance of smooth transitions in workflow. Therefore, once you're done designing and ready to export, you have multiple, convenient options to choose from. You can download your code as a zip file for later use, or preview it running in CodeSandbox. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the code directly into your preferred IDE, facilitating a seamless shift from design to development.

The method translates all variants and instances into crisp React code. During the process, Figma instantly generates component code, complete with props and sub-component support.

What about React and TypeScript, you might ask? We've got you covered on both fronts. Both React and TypeScript are platform agnostic, allowing you to utilize  the workflow regardless of the platforms you're developing for.

Whether you're developing web applications using React.js, mobile applications via React Native, or even desktop applications with projects like Proton Native or Electron, our design system supports you. TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript that provides static typing, functions anywhere that JavaScript runs - browsers, servers, or native platforms. It's all catered for.

React and TypeScript are platform-agnostic, offering the flexibility and power to develop applications across multiple platforms. While React components may not offer the same level of interoperability as Web Components across different frameworks, they boast benefits such as the robustness of React's component model, JSX, and the virtual DOM. The choice between using specific framework's components or Web Components largely hinges on the specific needs of your project.

Figma and its partners continue to innovate – so we'll streamline your workflow, stay tuned for more updates (add your email at top right corner). Web Components are certainly on our roadmap!

Take the leap towards a simpler, faster, and more efficient workflow today with our advanced Design System Build Service!