Roast my Logo

Roast and grill the uploaded logo or social media icon. Honest feedback and design assessment with suggestions - now free from Hypeless. Driven by latest generative AI technology mixed with classic logo design principles and decades of manual design experience!

Opens in a new window. We created a custom assistant that works with an OpenAI GPT Plus subscription in the beta phase. We will open the service as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do companies update their logos?

As a general rule, it's worth reviewing your logo every 3-6 years whether it is up to date for the most popular communication channels, like social media – the technology and trends change enormously fast. Customers can spot an old logo from far.

How do you know if a logo is outdated?

There are different circumstances when you should consider a facelift:
1. your current logo has been purchased at a cheap online store selling stock logos or free icons.
2. The logo is old or too complex
3. You feel that the logo is not relevant anymore
4. If the logo is somewhat outdated visually, there is the option to refresh it. Send a link or image of your logo for a free assessment.