AI-Generated Matte Painting: Unlock Limitless Footage Potential Anywhere


In the realm of digital content creation, AI-generated environments have emerged as a game-changer, enabling creators to transform bland settings into awe-inspiring landscapes.Leveraging Adobe Photoshop's cutting-edge 'Generative Fill' feature, you can now breathe life into static rooms by adding novel elements or engaging in complex matte painting.

Tutorial: by  Epic Light Media

No longer are you confined to the frame of your shot - even if you shoot vertically, AI can innovatively generate the unseen left and right sides of your room. With this pioneering technology, the possibilities for crafting compelling footage are truly unlimited, allowing you to design stunning visual narratives from anywhere.The last footage was shot with a phone vertically and added the left and right environment with Adobe Firefly in Photoshop and Davinci Resolve under 10 minutes.

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