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Webflow Website GDPR Compliant Self Hosting

Is Webflow not allowed in your country? Are you concerned about your customers' privacy or overseas data transfer? Host in your favourite region or in your own country. Perfect for GDPR compliance for EU customers.
One month free. Then $20 per month

Advantages continued...

Carry on working in Webflow as usual. Design, edit and publish your site as you always did. We'll take care of the rest!
Image Optimization
Get a higher ranking on Google by increasing the loading speed by image optimization and built in Pagespeed Booster.
GDPR Compliance
For the full answer, please ask your lawyer, this is not a legal advice. But definitely a very smart step becoming full compliant.
No developer needed
All your no-code magic will be almost instantly visible.
Become "Big Tech" Free
You are fully in control – it's your website, you decide what tech is running under the hood!
Good to know
Project start and delivery time depends on current workload.
VAT will be added automatically in the UK.
Invoices will be sent to you via email.
Hypeless is trading as "Bencium Limited"

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit my website once I host my site elsewhere?

Just login to your Webflow account either as an Editor or a Designer. Publish when done.

Where will be my site hosted if not using Webflow hosting?

It will be hosted on Cloudflare, Vercel or Netlify state of the art servers. Upon request for an additional fee, you can host the site locally in your own country. So you can make your website or webapp "Big Tech Free" 😎

What happens after the payment?

We'll send you an online form with all the details and questions. For example we'll need editing rights to make some changes in Webflow. We will need also your preferred region where your website should run.

I am not in the EU, but need to host my site inside my own country.

In that case we can host your site locally in your own region or country (additional fee applies – remote github to ftp upload must be available)

Do I need a paid Webflow account?

No, currently you can use the free account.

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